VIDEO: When Dom drove James in a mini-Mini around Leicester Square...

1 February 2019, 18:18 | Updated: 1 February 2019, 18:22

Dom's been preparing to take part in The Chris Moyles Show's Car Roulette competition to win a Mini Cooper, so why not get a mini Mini and James involved?

Next will see The Chris Moyles Show embark on another competition extravaganza when we play Car Roulette.

That's right, Chris and the team will give away a brand new Mini Cooper to one lucky listener, by having Dom drive a car around a huge roulette wheel until it runs out of fuel and stops on one of 37 numbers.

Sound confusing?

Watch The Chris Moyles Show Presents... Car Roulette to find out how we're going to make it happen

Since Dom has to drive round and round a racetrack-turned-roulette wheel, there's a chance he might need a little bit of practice behind the wheel.

And what better way to get used to the motion, then by taking Producer James round Leicester Square in a remote controlled mini-Mini Cooper.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Watch our video above to see how they got on.

The doorman outside McDonald's was NOT impressed!

This week, we were also lucky enough to have the original Stig and Formula One racing driver Perry McCarthy come into the show.

See him give Dom some driving tips ahead of the big day:

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Car Roulette will take place next week, so stay tuned to The Chris Moyles Show from Monday 4 February to find out how you can get involved.

Watch our video of how it will all unfold here: