VIDEO: We can ALL relate to this row Chris Moyles had with his missus...

5 September 2019, 05:00 | Updated: 5 September 2019, 05:01

This week, Chris tackled the age-old argument couples have when it comes to getting ready, but he thought two could play that game.

This week Chris Moyles recalled an argument which goes on in households across the country.

You're on the way out of your house and you come down after thinking you've done a good job at dressing yourself. However, your other half has other ideas.

This exact scenario happened with the Radio X presenter, but rather than taking it on the chin, Chris decided to play his girlfriend at her own game, and things didn't go down too well.

Find out what happened next in our video.

Remember when Pippa revealed what she does every night just before bed?

Well it's pretty relatable too...

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