VIDEO: Andi Peters gives Chris Moyles his Pancake Day recipe in bed!

5 March 2019, 17:57 | Updated: 5 March 2019, 18:01

It's time for the TV's legend's annual 3-2-1 recipe for Pancake Day on The Chris Moyles Show. Watch him deliver it from his bed in Canada!

It's Shrove Tuesday, which means millions of Brits across the country will be cooking up the perfect batter for Pancake Day!

Do you still need tips on how to make and cook the perfect pancake? Then look no further than The Chris Moyles Show.

Watch Andi Peters deliver his annual fail-safe recipe for pancakes on... you guessed it... Pancake Day!

Why is it called a 3-2-1 recipe though? And why is Andi Peters in bed?

Find out in our video above.

Remember when the Live & Kicking legend was woken up for a special chat while jet lagged in the Australian jungle for I'm A Celeb?

Remind yourself of his crazy interview below:

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