VIDEO: What gets Alan Carr so lairy?

18 December 2018, 14:34

The comedian visited the Chris Moyles Show and revealed how coming off stage makes him feel riled up like a rock star.

Alan Carr has demonstrated how he feels when he comes off stage.

The Chatty Man star visited The Chris Moyles Show this week and explained why he can empathise with rock stars when he finishes doing stand up.

Find out why in our video above.

Alan Carr gets lairy on The Chris Moyles Show
Alan Carr gets lairy on The Chris Moyles Show. Picture: Radio X

Speaking to Moyles and the team Carr said: "I think my act is suited to an old theatre. I know it sounds silly but the nerves of performing in an arena every night... A three and a half thousand theatre sold-out that is still amazing. And I'd rather do four nights at Hammersmith than one at The O2."

Asked if he doesn't enjoy the thrill of playing a big arena, the funny man replied: "When you get an encore or a standing ovation, you can see why these rock stars, 'cause I was like 'YEAH! I came off like YEAH! Brap brap brap [...] After party! After party!'"