WATCH: Toby Tarrant's Post-Pubcast Opening Links Are Atrocious

5 October 2017, 13:46 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 15:06

Toby took part in the Chris Moyles Show Pubcast last night, and he came in feeling a little worse for wear.

Toby joined Chris and the team for their Pubcast, which basically sees them all record a podcast while getting tipsy for Global's Make Some Noise.

Tarrant Jr. obviously took the "Pub" part of the Pubcast very seriously, and ended up spending most of the morning regretting it.

So much so that some of his opening links have to be heard to be believed. Thankfully Chris was on hand to play them all back to him, though.

What a gent. 

The Chris Moyles Pubcast will be out on Friday 6 October, in aid of Radio X's Make Some Noise. 

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