Simon Pegg talks lockdown and his latest role on The Chris Moyles Show

29 June 2020, 16:38 | Updated: 29 June 2020, 16:41

The British actor, writer and director stopped by to chat to Chris Moyles about his latest role in Lost Transmissions.

Simon Pegg appeared on The Chris Moyles Show this week and talked about everything from his life in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic to his latest roles.

Asked how he's coped with the slower pace of life, he told the Radio X DJ: "I don’t know if I would have done as much if it hadn’t been for this. I would have found other things to do, but this has focused me so much in an attempt to not go insane with boredom. It’s been alright."

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Talking about his most recent film Lost Transmissions, which is directed by Katharine O'Brien, he said: "I hadn’t made a film that had been directed by a woman in 20 years of film-making, which wasn’t a choice of course. It’s a product of the situation and I thought ‘I have to do this movie’ not only because it’s a challenge for me as an actor, but because I had to put that straight. So it was a passion project for me".

Watch our full interview with Simon Pegg above.

Lost Transmissions is available to download digitally now.

Watch the trailer for Lost Transmissions below:

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