Chris Moyles reveals how he maintains his weight loss during the COVID-19 pandemic

12 November 2020, 12:53 | Updated: 12 November 2020, 15:35

Chris Moyles walks to Global in Leicester square
Chris Moyles walks to Global in Leicester square. Picture: SOPA Images/SIPA USA/PA Images

The Radio X DJ revealed on The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher how he maintains his health and fitness, especially through the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris Moyles has revealed how he's maintained his weight loss.

The Radio X DJ appeared as a guest on The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher and talked about everything from his beloved Leeds United to his dramatic lifestyle change which started a decade ago.

When Carragher joked if he was on Leeds gaffer Marcelo Bielsa's health regime, Moyles replied: "I don't think there are that many people who are as fit as the Leeds United players. I think this properly the best shape team with ever had, especially when you go back to the 70s when they were probably all having a fag at half time in the changing rooms... But no, I lost weight about 10 years ago or something like that, but it's just keeping it off that's the difficult thing."

The 46-year-old broadcaster added: "You were saying before we started recording like 'what do we do for the rest of the day?' We get asked that a lot. So today, I'll go home - I'm intermittent fasting at the moment Jamie. I'm doing that.

"[The gym] used to be 11-12 or 11-1 depending on what I was doing. I'd do a double session, but I don't go to the gym anymore because of the COVID [...] so now I train at home and I'm all over the Peleton. I love it. I love the Peleton."

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The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher
The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher. Picture: Global

The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher sees the former footballer speaking to a footballer or a football fan about their team, their love of football, while he asks them what's the greatest game of football that they have ever seen or played in.

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Chris Moyles went on to praise Bielsa and explain just how important he is to Leeds supporters and the city as a whole.

"Imagine the effect that [J├╝rgen] Klop has on the city of Liverpool if there was no Everton team and it was just Liverpool. So that's what Leeds is. As we keep saying it's a one club city and that's REALLY REALLY important to feel the vibe of it.

"And he is... I mean, he's such an everything. I'm trying to think of a word but he's everything. Like he's this, this very, very unusual godlike character. You know, he's not got the physique of a professional. He looks like the former professionals that... you know the old players that used to retire and open a pub and they'd have a beer belly. He looks a bit like that.

"He's always in his training tracksuit. The story goes he lives above a sweet shop in a one bedroom flat. And he's this unbelievable statistician and all-round just mine of knowledge about the game and he researches, but he's become this - literally there's murals of him all over the city and quotes from him everywhere..."

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