Chris Moyles was ready to throw a full on tantrum

26 April 2021, 17:31 | Updated: 26 April 2021, 17:32

The power went out on The Chris Moyles Show this morning and temporarily affected the air con. Find out what happened next in our video.

This morning on The Chris Moyles Show, Chris and the team had the shock of their lives when there was a brief power cut.

Luckily, all was well again at Radio X HQ within a few minutes and the DJ managed to stay on the air.

However, the power cut must have triggered a temporary fault with the air con and Chris Moyles was not happy!

Fans of the show will know that Chris REALLY doesn't like it when the air con stops working... So, naturally he thought he'd start to have a rant about it.

Find out what happened next in our video!

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