Pippa reacts to her Barack Obama birthday message!

8 December 2020, 15:49 | Updated: 8 December 2020, 16:02

It was Pippa's birthday this week and The Chris Moyles Show treated her to some unbelievable surprises. It may or may not have been the real deal, but it had us entertained either way!

This week saw Pippa celebrate her birthday and The Chris Moyles Show treated her to a fair few surprises.

As much as she was blown away by the sausage necklace, she was ecstatic when she heard she got a video message from none other than Barack Obama.

Pippa was almost moved to tears, but she started getting a little suspicious when the former US President left not one, not two, but THREE separate messages and started sounding a little bit dodgy...

Watch our video above to see her reaction.

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