Chris Moyles leaves Matt on-air with his lion and monkey

12 January 2022, 17:07

Matt Parkes-Smith gets left on air

Radio X

By Radio X

Chris Moyles loves a prank or two, and since Matt was at home playing with his children's puppets, Chris and the team decided to leave him hanging.

Anyone who's a fan of Chris Moyles knows he loves a good prank and anyone who's a fan of the show knows the presenter gets a particular kick from leaving his colleagues hanging live on-air.

This time, it was Matt's turn to get the silent treatment and his response was a unique one, since he happened to be showing off his children's favourite puppets at the time.

Watch Matt get royally stitched up along with his pals the lion and monkey in our video above.

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Chris Moyles and the team leave Matt hanging live on-air
Chris Moyles and the team leave Matt hanging live on-air. Picture: Radio X

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