WATCH: Chris Moyles goes all out Louis Walsh about Blur vs Oasis

14 August 2020, 16:25 | Updated: 14 August 2020, 16:29

This week we're celebrating Oasis and Blur's big Britpop battle, but Chris Moyles was so indecisive, he turned into the X Factor judge.

This week on The Chris Moyles Show we celebrated the iconic 1995 Britpop battle between Blur and Oasis, which saw Damon Albarn and co's Country House go head-to-head against the Manchester band's Roll With It single.

Country House won the first time around, but we gave our listeners the chance to have their say 25 years on with a Twitter poll.

All Chris had to do was to make his own choice between the two Britpop titans, but he suddenly came over very indecisive and reminded us of a well-known X Factor judge.

Watch Chris transform into Louis Walsh - with hilarious results - in our video above.

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