Chris Moyles on why Leeds Utd supporters may think he's "not a proper fan"

22 November 2020, 16:00

Chris Moyles reveals why Leeds United fans might not think he's a real fan
Chris Moyles reveals why Leeds United fans might not think he's a real fan. Picture: 1. British Podcast Awards/British Podcast Awards via Getty Images 2. Visionhaus/Getty

The Radio X DJ has talked about his beloved Leeds United and revealed how he didn't actually support them properly until he moved to London.

Chris Moyles has discussed why some die hard Leeds United F.C. supporters don't think he's a real fan.

The Radio X DJ may have been "born and raised" in Leeds like his father, but he's admitted he didn't actually get into them properly until he became a Londoner.

Speaking on The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher, he revealed: "[I was] born and raised in Leeds. My dad was born in raised in Leeds as well, so my dad had two boys and that was Leeds United from day one. However, me and my brother were not particularly fussed about sport or football or anything like that.

"So my, my early memories of Leeds were like, we'd go - and I remember really clearly... Have you seen the film The Damned United with Michael Sheen? So they would train on the pitch right outside the stadium [...] just next to the car park where the players where the people are. And I remember you could go and watch them play. And my dad would take us and we go and watch them training. [..] But as I said, I was never a big fan I was just not into football until much later. Around about the time I moved to London, which would have been about kind of '96,'97..."

Talking about appearing on the podcast, he joked: "There'll be Leeds United fans who are literally so incensed with anger and rage that I'm even doing this because they'll be like 'He's not a proper fan! He's not a proper Leeds fan!"

He added: "So I'm I'm literally the opposite of a glory hunter as by the time as the final whistle blew in Europe and Leeds' dream was over, that's pretty much the time I went: 'I think I'm gonna start going to the odd game, you know?'"

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The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher
The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher. Picture: Global

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Moyles went on to praise Leeds gaffer Marcelo Bielsa and explain just how important he is to Leeds supporters and to the city as a whole.

"Imagine the effect that [J├╝rgen] Klop has on the city of Liverpool if there was no Everton team and it was just Liverpool. So that's what Leeds is. As we keep saying, it's a one club city and that's really really important to feel the vibe of it.

"And he is... I mean, he's such an everything. I'm trying to think of a word but he's everything. Like he's this, this very, very unusual godlike character. You know, he's not got the physique of a professional. He looks like the former professionals that... you know the old players that used to retire and open a pub and they'd have a beer belly? He looks a bit like that.

"He's always in his training tracksuit. The story goes he lives above a sweet shop in a one bedroom flat. And he's this unbelievable statistician and all-round just mine of knowledge about the game and he researches, but he's become this - literally there's murals of him all over the city and quotes from him everywhere..."

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