Succession's Kieran Culkin reveals what his cast members are REALLY like

18 October 2021, 14:53 | Updated: 18 October 2021, 18:19

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The actor, who stars as Roman Roy in the hit series, talks to The Chris Moyles Show as its third season is released and streaming weekly on NOW.

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Kieran Culkin stopped by The Chris Moyles Show this week to talk about all things Succession, which is streaming weekly on NOW.

The actor and brother of Home Alone icon Mackauley Culkin stars in the hit HBO series as Roman Roy alongside the likes of Jeremy Strong (Kendall Roy), Brian Cox (Logan Roy) and Sarah Snook (Siobhan Roy) and he's revealed what it's like working with them on set.

"He gets upset if one of us makes him laugh," he revealed about Jeremy Strong. "It totally takes him out. I think it was the first day of shooting on Season 2 and Kendall’s in a really dark place. He feels responsible for having, you know […] whatever. And he’s very broody that day, he’s got his headphones on, his sunglasses and I think it was one of the first takes, we were meeting on a beach, or right near a beach and we were walking towards each other and he goes [in serious voice] “hey” and I just went “hey!” and I give him the finger, and before saying his next line he took a long pause and then smiled and went “damn!” He was very upset!"

According to Culkin, Snook, who plays his sister Siobhan and Matthew Macfadyen, who plays her husband Tom, are the most different to their characters.

He told Moyles: "Him and Sarah Snook are probably the furthest from their characters. He’s just not at all like that. And you said that these characters are not really likeable, Tom is not really likeable I guess but I’m constantly rooting for him or wanting him to be better.

"He’s the one I’m looking at going ‘oh but you could stand up for yourself a little bit more’ but he doesn’t. He’s quite a brilliant actor, I would say."

Watch our interview with the actor above.

Succession is streaming weekly on NOW.

Culkin also reminisced about the time he was sleeping in his living room lounge with his pregnant wife while shooting the show during the pandemic.

Talking about how they underestimated the space they would need for a child, he revealed: "We weren’t really that prepared, but everybody says you’re never really ready. As she was going into labour I was putting together the changing table and the crib and putting together the nursery, which means – we live in New York City apartments, I’m sure it’s similar to [London] - like the corner of our bedroom is the nursery.

"So we weren’t really prepared for all that. And then eventually friends kept telling us ‘you know you’re going to have to give that kid its own room?' We have a one bedroom apartment, there’s, what, the kitchen? I don’t know, where does it go?

"So eventually the kid took our bedroom and then my wife - who was pregnant the second time while we were shooting through the pandemic - we’re sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor, because the baby has the bedroom and she at one point turns to me and she goes ‘you see how we live, right? You know you’re on a hit TV show, right?’

"I’m like ‘yeah alright we’ll move, we’ll move!’"

Succession is streaming weekly on NOW.

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