John Cleese reveals the Fawlty Towers moment he hates

12 September 2020, 15:00

The comedian looked at the iconic British series series and told Chris Moyles the little thing that still irritates him about it.

John Cleese has spoken to Chris Moyles about one of the Fawlty Towers moments which niggles at him the most.

While the British comedian, actor, author and producer has been a staunch defender of the show - in which he played the intolerant and rude hotel manager Basil Fawlty - he has admitted there are little moments of the series he "hates".

While the show's iconic The Germans episode was recently in the headlines this year due to a character using "racial slurs," it turns out there's something else about the episode that irks Cleese to this day.

Asked if he looks back on some of his work over the years and thinks 'that is perfection', he told Moyles: "Yeah I do think Fawlty Towers is pretty damn good."

The Monty Python star added: "I watch it and I watch it with a hawkish eye, because I hate the moments that aren't quite right... like when the moose head drops on to me and if you look at it carefully you can see I'm waiting for it to drop. It's fractionally slow.

Watch the moment Cleese is referring to in The Germans episode and see if you can spot the mishap here:

Fawlty towers ran for two series from 1975-1979 and Cleese stands by his decision not to make a third to this day.

He mused: "Well, Connie Booth and I after the second series thought, 'We can't do better than that'. We could do another series and everyone would say, 'ooh it was very good' but it wasn't as good as the first two series.

"So what's the point unless you really need the money?"

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