Chris takes us through one of Jamie Oliver's latest recipes

3 December 2020, 17:31 | Updated: 3 December 2020, 17:34

It wouldn't be Christmas without a chat with Jamie Oliver on The Chris Moyles Show. Watch him take us through his latest book, 7 Ways, as he talks about everything from family to lockdown.

In-keeping with our Christmas tradition, Jamie Oliver featured on The Chris Moyles Show this week to talk about everything from lockdown to spending more time with his family and his new cookbook 7 Ways.

This time around the telly chef was inspired by everyday items anyone can pick up in their local supermarket and cook in several different way! Chris isn't sure how common Rose Harissa is though!

Even more unbelievable than Jamie Oliver having another cookbook out is the fact his youngest daughter is four and his oldest is studying at Leeds University!

Watch our interview above.

Jamie Oliver's Seven Ways book is out now.

Listen to the latest Chris Moyles Show:

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