This is definitely what it's like when Pippa has dinner at Chris Tarrant's house

20 September 2020, 07:00

Chris Moyles couldn't help but wonder what it's like when Pippa pops round to her future father in law Chris Tarrant's house for dinner.

Fans of The Chris Moyles Show will know that Pippa has been seeing Toby Tarrant for years and this year they got engaged!

Naturally, Pippa's been to more than a few dinners with her soon-to-be father in law Chris Tarrant, so Chris Moyles couldn't help but imagine what it would be like round the former Who What's To Be A Millionaire? host's house for dinner.

Watch Chris Moyles' hilarious' re-imagining in our video above.

Remind yourself of the moment Pippa announced her engagement:

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