WATCH: Chris Has Some Thoughts On Toby And Pippa's Relationship...

4 September 2017, 14:42 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 15:09

Chris is back with a bang with some advice for the pair, and he's just saying what we're all thinking!

Chris is back with the team after going on holiday, and after having a "Toby and Pippa marathon" has a few observations.

Like a few of you out there, Chris has seen the pair semi-naked and wrestling all in one week, and reckons they should just put everyone out of their misery and get it on.

Pippa and Toby reckon they're just good friends, but Chris makes a pretty strong case!

Watch our video above.

And just incase you missed it, remind yourself of the time Pippa tattooed Toby:

And the time they wrestled...