WATCH: The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X - Today’s Highlights (28 September 2015)

28 September 2015, 09:56 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 10:46

Today: the team buy each other presents, Chris uses a "C" word for the second time in the show's history and the Wheel Of Chance decrees a raid on Classic FM.

Nicknames for your significant other

Chris asks Madam about his weekend and ends up going on a detour about what Dave calls his wife. You’ll be shocked - and surprised.

The One Week Anniversary Gift Exchange

Seven whole days into The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X and the team thought it was a nice idea to buy each other presents. Some gifts have a lot of thought put into them. Others, less so.



Let’s spin the Radio Wheel Of Chance! 

After last week’s fun with Smooth and the unsuccessful raid on the Heart studios, which of Global Radio’s stations will Chris try and invade today? The Wheel Of Chance has selected Classic FM. How will they react?