The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X - Today’s Highlights (2 October 2015)

2 October 2015, 10:45 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 10:46

It’s the end of Week Two and time for the Patinum Hour with Pat Sharp, Anneka Rice drops a bad word on air and we discuss UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s name with Wikipedia-changing results.

Ban Ki-Moon: Graffiti Artist

Chris’s excellent Photoshop skills result in a brilliant pic of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as a graffiti artist (Ban-ksy Moon?). One of our brilliant listeners updates Wikipedia accordingly - and all before 7am.



Anneka Rice causes a bit of an incident

The former star of Challenge Anneka is under the spotlight of the Celebrity Wheel Of Chance. Chris calls her up and an anecdote goes a bit wrong. Can the boss of Radio X restore order and keep us on the air? It’s only Show 10 for heaven’s sake!



The Patinum Hour is in full effect

Broadcasting Legend ™ Pat Sharp takes control of this week’s Platinum Hour, so we re-christen it as the “Patinum Hour” for one week only. Unless he agrees to come back? Come on, Pat…!