Russell Brand Talks Trump, Says He's "Glad" He's Not In US

2 February 2017, 10:43 | Updated: 10 August 2017, 13:08

The comedian has given his view on the US President and explained why he's "pretty glad" he no longer lives in the country.

Russell Brand has given his view on Donald Trump and said he is "pretty glad" he no longer lives in the United States.  

When asked by Chris Moyles if he was pleased to be out of American now that Trump is president, he replied: "I maintain that Donald Trump becoming president is just something that is implicit becoming explicit. So something that was under the surface has now become obvious".

Brand, who is about to embark on his Rebirth tour, continued: "I think that anything that happens major like that is always an expression of something that was waiting to happen. I suppose it's sort of logical in a way.

"So yeah, I'm pretty glad."

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He went on to explain: "If you live in Los Angeles for example you'll be aware it's being totally held together by Mexican people, and it basically used to be Mexico until it got nicked.

"And I would hang out with the Mexican people who were basically holding my life together, so I don't think i'd be that comfortable saying 'sorry Gaby or sorry Jose.'"

New father Brand - who welcomed his daughter Mabel into the world on 4 November 2016 - also said he was "overwhelmed with joy" by his first child. 

Brand's stand-up Rebirth tour commences on 4 April 2017.