The 10 Biggest Moments From The Chris Moyles Show... So Far

5 January 2016, 10:33 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 10:46

Chris Moyles invades the Heart Studio

Let's look back on the most popular videos from Chris's Radio X show since it went on air in September last year...

1. Chris Invades The Heart Studio

In the first week of the show, Chris decided to have a look round the other stations in Global Towers. On this day, the Wheel Of Fortune chose Heart, but would Jamie Theakston and Emma Bunton let Chris into the studio?


2. Chris Tarrant Plays “Fish Or Not A Fish”

Radio and TV legend Chris Tarrant came into the studio to play one of the most bizarre games ever broadcast. Stand by for some incredible impressions.


3. Chris Invades The Classic FM Studio

The Radio Wheel Of Fortune chose Classic on this day, but would that station be more accommodating to Chris than Heart?



4. Vernon Kay Pranks Chris For The First Time

What started as some harmless Twitter hijacking turned into a prank battle of epic proportions. After Chris had got the listeners to confuse Vernon by tweeting that all they could hear on air was another station, the Bolton lad upped the ante by taking over the Platinum Hour... from another studio.



5. Chris Gets His Own Back On Vernon Just In Time For Christmas

The pranking climaxed in Christmas week when Chris took over Vernon's show completely... in a very unexpected way.


6. This Competition Winner Is Not What He Seems

Why isn't John excited about winning this amazing prize?



7. The Balloon Prank

Pranks went out on tour as part of the Radio X Road Trip - what did Chris find waiting for him when he checked into his hotel room in Manchester?


8. The Return Of Rob DJ

Everyone's favourite Quizmaster was back on air at Radio X - and the catchphrases came thick and fast.


9. Dom’s Best Impression Yet…

Who could it be?

10. We've Been Singing The Only Fools And Horses Theme Wrong All Our Lives!

It's not "Wookie Street", for a start.