WATCH: We Saved This Fan's Liam Gallagher Gig...

13 February 2018, 13:20 | Updated: 13 February 2018, 17:30

Our competition winner revealed how her friend lost her Definitely Maybe CD, which the Oasis rocker signed last night. What happened totally made her day!

Last night saw Liam Gallagher play an intimate gig on Radio X's rooftop, and Chris had the pleasure of telling a listener she'd won the last pair of tickets to be there.

This morning, the team called Nina from Poole up again to get her roundup of the night, where she waxed lyrical on how great it was.

The only downside was the fact her best mate Sharon managed to get Gallagher to sign her Definitely Maybe CD, but also lost it that very night. 

Watch our video to find out what happened next and hear Nina's incredible reaction above.

It turns out that Big Si from The Johnny Vaughan Show managed to find the signed copy of Definitely Maybe in the pub and hand it back to Pippa.

Now, if that's not lucky we don't know what is!

Watch Nina's priceless reaction to winning tickets below: