What you shouldn't do if you see Samuel L. Jackson...

11 March 2019, 06:00 | Updated: 11 March 2019, 06:01

Dominic Byrne met up with the Hollywood royalty and Captain Marvel star, and they bonded straight away. However, he has certain rules if you want to approach him.

Dom met Samuel L Jackson to talk about the new Captain Marvel movie, and the conversations soon took a turn.

After bonding over their baldness, Dom revealed that Chris Moyles saw the Hollywood superstar at a recent event and wasn't sure if he could approach him.

So Dom did the dirty work and asked on behalf of Chris if he could ever approach him in the future.

Find out what the Pulp Fiction legend said in our video above.

Dom and Samuel L Jackson bond over their baldness
Dom and Samuel L Jackson bond over their baldness. Picture: Radio X

Phew, so it turns out we're all fine as long as we don't act crazy!

Watch the trailer for Captain Marvel here: