Dawn French: New Vicar of Dibley will feature tribute to Emma Chambers

2 December 2020, 11:39 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 11:40

The actress, comedian and author talked to Chris Moyles about reprising the role of Geraldine Granger for the three to four minute short films.

Dawn French featured on The Chris Moyles Show this week to talk about everything from her career to her new book Because of You.

The actress, writer and comedian spoke to the show about her poignant but uplifting new title, but also gave us more information on what to expect from the latest Vicar of Dibley, while revealing they would feature a tribute to the late Emma Chambers.

Revealing that the nine "little short films" would be pandemic-inspired and see her character Geraldine Granger deliver messages on zoom, she said: "We did some for Comic Relief and people seemed to like it so Richard [Armitage] and Paul Mayhew-Archer and I got together and decided we would make little short sermons, because what would Geraldine Granger do in a pandemic?

"She would make sure to keep in touch with her parishioners with Zoom if any of them could work out how to use it!"

The comedian added that there would be a "tribute to Alice" in the show, The character, who was played by Emma Chambers, sadly died in 2018.

Watch her talk about the much-loved show in our video above.

The Vicar of Dibley in Lockdown starts on BBC One on 7 December at 8.50pm.

Dawn French talks to Chris Moyles with photo of Emma Chambers inset
Dawn French has revealed the upcoming Vicar of Dibley mini-episodes will feature a tribute to Emma Chambers. Picture: 1. Radio X 2. Neil Munns/PA Archive/PA Images

Listen to the latest podcast from The Chris Moyles Show here:

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