Chris Moyles brings back Celebrity Two Word Tango!

27 April 2020, 12:00 | Updated: 27 April 2020, 16:10

It's Retro Week on The Chris Moyles Show as the team dust down some classic games.

This week as lockdown continues, The Chris Moyles Show is taking a step back in time.

Yes, it's Retro Week and Chris and the team are bringing back some old favourites from shows of yesteryear.

Today it's Celebrity Two Word Tango - all they have to do is fill in the gap in the music with a famous name. If you repeat, hesitate or just can't answer, you are OUT

With James down the line from his house and Chris, Pippa and Dom in the studio, how long will the game last?

"It's a stupid game," says Pippa. How did she get on?