Alan McGee reveals how he lost weight and talks Creation Stories film

3 March 2021, 17:43 | Updated: 5 March 2021, 22:34

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The Creation Records boss spoke to Chris Moyles Show about losing weight in lockdown and looking back on his life in the new biopic.

Alan McGee has revealed to The Chris Moyles Show how he achieved his dramatic weight loss through walking and the Keto diet.

The 60-year-old independent music mogul recently saw the premiere of Creation Stories, which tells the story of his life and the founding of his iconic Creation Records label.

But asked how he achieved his new look, the former Oasis manager told Chris Moyles: "Last April when I worked out you don't get arrested for walking 15 miles a day i started doing that every day [...] And then I got real cute about it and started doing the Keto diet and not eating any carbs".

Going into detail about what he specifically eats, the music boss revealed: "Blackberries, raspberries, almonds, a lot of nuts, cheese, chicken, fish and that's it."

Creation Stories, which stars Trainspotting's Ewen Bremner as McGee, is based on the music manager's memoir. Quizzed if it was strange watching his life played out on set, he said: "That was weird. I tell you what the strange thing is [...] It's Irvine Welsh's take on my life.

"50 percent is true, factual, and 50 percent is Irvine making it up. So as long as you can get into the concept that this is a story that you're involved in but half of it's not true, then it's OK."

Watch Chris Moyles' full interview with McGee above.

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Alan McGee speaks to Chris Moyles about weight loss and Creation Stories
Alan McGee speaks to Chris Moyles about weight loss and Creation Stories. Picture: Radio X

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