PODCAST: Heidi Regan finds out what "doing a Fassbender" is

24 March 2020, 14:06

Michael Fassbender in January 2020
Michael Fassbender in January 2020. Picture: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Take a listen to the latest episode of the hilarious movie podcast A Thin Layer Of Film.

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Heidi Regan hosts a silly podcast about film! Well they can’t all be serious can they?

In this episode - recorded just before everything went a little bit crazy - Heidi is joined by comedians Mark Watson and Alison Spittle for some nonsense involving 50 First Dates, Humour Me, Can Full of Ashes & Jane Eyre!

You'll learn what "doing a Fassbender" is and find out how wild Alison goes for Mr Rochester.

Every week, Heidi Regan is joined by fantastic guest comedians discussing daft metaphors in film and TV, ridiculous product placements and over-analysing the classics until you can’t bear to watch them any more!

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