Early Work with Rhys James

19 January 2020, 20:00 | Updated: 4 March 2020, 15:18

Early Work with Rhys James
Early Work with Rhys James. Picture: Radio X

Rhys is joined each week by a special guest to dissect some embarrassing creative writing from their adolescence.

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Early Work is a new podcast in which comedians, writers, musicians and more join Rhys James to perform the embarrassing creative writing from their adolescence.

For many performers, one of their biggest fears is that people will find the creative endeavours they went through as a teenager. Poems, short stories, drawings, song lyrics, scripts and more remain hidden away in buried shoeboxes or password protected folders on their MacBooks.

Rhys probably has the world record collection for embarrassing attempts at art during this period and thinks it’s about time we monetised that shame and performed this teenage literature, just what the 15 year old in all of us would’ve wanted!

Each guest must bring at least one thing they wrote as a teenager that they are at least a bit embarrassed about, to be discussed and co-analysed with Rhys - who will be bringing one of his own to level the playing field.

Radio X Streaming with Laughter
Radio X Streaming with Laughter. Picture: Radio X

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