Here's Why #DrummondPuddleWatch Made Everyone's Year So Far...

6 January 2016, 18:34 | Updated: 25 April 2016, 15:17

Drummond Puddle screen shot 2 Periscope

See the best reactions to the UK's most banal and ingenious livestream ever.

Once in a while, something so brilliant happens on the internet, it captures the nation's imagination. 

The Americans had Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine cover... and the UK just had a puddle in Drummond, Newcastle. 

Someone decided to live stream people attempting to cross a puddle on Periscope, and it was pretty much the best thing ever.

Almost 20,000 people were watching it simultaneously, while - according to this user -  547,819 people in total tuned in.


Plus, Twitter reckoned at least 50,000 people were talking about it.


Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was even transfixed:


Somehow mundanity gave way to tension as people waited to see who would walk across the Drummond bridge next.

We loved watching as women sacrificed their heeled boots to go straight through the puddle, while young men largely avoided getting their trainers wet.

And the comments - oh the comments! The comments meant even more normal people could get it on the act, doling out judgement by calling people "lame" or "legends," depending on their method of tackling the watery ditch. 

Even POLITICIANS got involved, using the event to push their policies like Green Party's Natalie Bennett.

Obviously, the bigger it got and the more people got wind of it, the more people started heading down to play up for the camera.

Some joker even placed a Caution: Wet Floor sign on the ground, and someone painted ACTUALLY painted a watercolour of it!


Then this guy probably jumped the shark with his lilo. 


Finally, after about 6 hours, it ended - and took our concentration with it. Thousands of people were left dissapointed, but luckily for us Brits, it was just about time to clock off for work anyway.

There wasn't a leaked pic or bit of celebrity beef in sight, and yet we still couldn't keep our blimmin' eyes off it. But why was it so captivating?

Was it because it was just so normal and relatable, or because waiting to find out how everyday folks tackled the everyday obstacle offered us a rare insight into the human condition? Possibly. 

Or maybe it was just because everyone just fancied a hump day distraction and a puddle was the best thing on offer?

Frankly, we're not exactly sure why it happened, but either way, we're pretty sure the whole event is the best piece of multi-platform modern art we've ever witnessed.

And if it didn't get you marvelling over the power of the Internet, it should, because it's literally. Made. People's. Lives:

Twitter user Houssein summed up all the craziness perfectly with the tweet:

Pretty much...

Bravo Great Britain, Bravo!