We Are Scientists: this album has more of us in it

6 February 2014, 16:32 | Updated: 6 February 2014, 16:58

We Are Scientists: this album has more of us in it

We Are Scientists have told Radio X new album TV en Français is their best representation of themselves so far.

"It was the first album we recorded in New York City, so I think it's got a little more of us in it," frontman Keith told Radio X's Phil Clifton. "Every other album is us out of our element trying desperately to fit in somewhere else, this is us owning our town."

Bassist Chris Cain said it is "coming from a place of power."

"It's the first record we've recorded with the producer Chris Cody," he continued. "We did our last three records all with the same guy, a great producer Ariel Rechtshaid, but we decided for this record that we wanted to try something new. So I think the sound is very much influenced by the notorious Chris Cody touch."

Beach House records, Smith Westerns, Gang Gang Dance, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV On The Radio are all on Cody's CV, he also worked as an engineer on the last two We Are Scientists album.

"We already knew how to work with him and how to get the best out of him and the best of him," singer Keith Murray explained.

"I think we had whittled it down to something like fifteen or sixteen and we sent the demos to Chris Cody and then our very first meeting with him, our first pre-production meeting, he came in and was like, 'here are the ten songs we are recording, here is the order they are going to be in on the album' [laughs]."

"He actually did a lot of that culling work for us, which was nice.

"Saves us the terror of having to choose which songs our very fate will be based upon. "

TV en Français is out 4 March.

Meanwhile Keith and Chris are presenting tonight's inaugural Fly Awards at the Kentish Town Forum.