WATCH: This Spoof Texting Fail Video Has A Horrific Twist

18 July 2017, 17:30 | Updated: 18 July 2017, 18:18

The ad campaign, which comes from the Western Cape Government of South Africa, will stop you texting while you drive forever.

A mishap-style video on the dangers of being distracted by your phone has gone viral due to its powerful and shocking twist. 

Watch it here:

The 40-second ad, which was made by the Western Cape Government of South Africa, begins with a series of fake CCTV clips which see people get into a series of hilarious scrapes due to texting while walking.

However, the comedy caper music soon ends as the visuals cut to young woman using her phone while in a car. What happens next is totally horrifying. 

The campaign which carries the hashtag #ItCanWait comes with the message: "People can't even text and walk, so why do they text and drive?"

Powerful stuff. Stay safe out there everyone. 

Credit: YouTube/FCB Cape Town/The Western Cape Government of South Africa