WATCH: When Quentin Tarantino Dad Danced On The Set Of Pulp Fiction...

27 March 2018, 12:33 | Updated: 27 March 2018, 12:35

Pulp Fiction Jack Rabbit Slims dance scene still

See the director show off his cringe dancing skills during that famous Jack Rabbit Slims scene.

Today sees Quentin Tarantino turn 55, and to celebrate we're looking back at footage of the Pulp Fiction director dancing behind the scenes of his iconic film.

Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega's epic twist at Jack Rabbit Slims goes down as one of the coolest dance scenes in film history, but what if behind the camera there was guy putting off Uma Thurman and John Travolta by showing off his greatest dad dance moves?

This behind the scenes video sees QT doing just that.

Watch him dancing to Chuck Berry's You Never Can Tell below:  

Pulp Fiction

A magia de um set de cinema em Pulp Fiction de 1994.Se liga no diretor Quentim Tarantino dançando junto com os atores e operando a camera em uma das cenas mais clássicas de todos os tempos.Total movie magic at Pulp Fiction´s film set (1994).Take a look ate director Quentim Tarantino dancing along actors and operating the camera in one of recent movie classics.

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Happy Birthday Tarantino!