WATCH: Martin Compston Talks "Weird" Line Of Duty Fame

30 April 2017, 21:00 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 14:37

Martin Compston on Line Of Duty Fame

The actor, who plays DS Steve Arnott in the hit series, told Radio X's Gordon Smart about some of his strangest fan encounters.

Martin Compston has revealed his fame has got to "that weird stage" thanks to his role in Line Of Duty.

The Scottish actor, who stars as DS Steve Arnott in the BBC police drama, has opened up about how fans take sneaky selfies of him and run up to touch him in the street.

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Asked by Radio X's Gordon Smart how his life has changed since the series, he replied: "It's kinda getting to that weird stage, like coming down on the plane this morning you're kinda noticing people kinda taking sneaky pictures of you falling asleep..."

He added: "Everyone keeps shouting 'You're alive! You're alive!' 

"It's funny, I mean I love it because I'm really overwhelmed with the response, but it does get funny with people coming up and touching you and checking you're alright... 

"And one of the weirdest ones I had was on the first series when my hand was in a vice, some lassie just panicked and ran down the street and started grabbing my hand and looking it over for bruises and stuff."

He concluded: "They get a bit carried away, but that means we're doing the right stuff".