WATCH: Katherine Ryan Talks Cosmetic Procedures

12 March 2017, 12:00

The Canadian comedian presents Channel 4's new series How'd You Get So Rich?

Katherine Ryan has discussed undergoing cosmetic procedures for Channel 4's How'd You Get So Rich?

Speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart about meeting LA plastic surgeon Dr Raj Kanodia - who carries out 250 nose jobs a year at $20,000 a go - the comedian revealed she'd go back to him "again and again".

When asked why she had a procedure for the show, the comedian revealed: "Well I'm very smart, and he is the best of the best. I wasn't going to miss out on an opportunity to get some Doctor Raj work for free."

She added: "People who are into plastic surgery will know that there are cosmetic procedures that don't involve a knife, and that will be like filler and botox."

Speaking about Joan Collins who presented the original version of the series, Ryan said: "I tried not to watch too much of her version of the series, because I wanted it to have an authentic voice,

She joked: "The trouble with plastic surgery is that you have too many surgeries, and then a younger Canadian girl takes your job."

After Smart accused her of being addicted after 30 seconds, Ryan admitted: "Yeah I am. I want to see doctor Raj again and again."

How'd You Get So Rich? is available now on All 4. 

Photo: Channel 4