WATCH: An Important Statement from Danny Wallace

6 April 2020, 18:00 | Updated: 6 April 2020, 20:29

Watch as Radio X presenter Danny Wallace shares a funny, uplifting and inspirational message of hope for these unprecedented times.

The last month has changed the way we live, work, and love, as the nation gets used to a new way of living due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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And people from across every section of society are pulling together to share messages of hope, solidarity and advice for getting through it.

Now, Radio X's own presenter Danny Wallace has interrupted his Important Broadcast for an even more important statement to help us unite, lift our spirits and inspire us during these unprecedented times.

Addressing the nation on his show, he began: "So, do you remember when you didn't spend half your morning worrying if you definitely had enough kitchen roll?

"Do you remember every time your phone made that notification noise? You were excited. You didn't just say 'Oh Jesus, what now?'

"Do you remember when you didn't secretly hold your breath when passing strangers on the street? Do you remember when somebody could make you a cup of tea without it making you paranoid, or when you didn't think there was a chance you could catch something off a cat?"

He continued: "Do you remember when you could walk up a British hill without worrying if a police drone was going to hover above you asking you why you were on a hill?

"Do you remember not thinking 'Oh, my doorbell's gone. Where's a shotgun?' Or not spraying your bills with Dettol?

"Do you remember when no one ever talked about yeast and broccoli wasn't a currency? And if you were a burglar, do you remember when no one was home?

"Do you remember all that? Because that was the other day!"

Danny Wallace delivers an Important Statement from Radio X mid the coronavirus
Danny Wallace delivers an Important Statement from Radio X mid the coronavirus. Picture: Radio X

He added: "And now here we all are at home, and I know it's hard, and I know you're getting on each other's nerves even though you're pretending you're not.

"So here's what we do: We stay in our own homes, alone, together, and we enjoy new rules, like Forgiving Yourself For Not Being Productive.

"And to all those people saying, 'Hey, you should use the time to learn Esperanto' or whatever that thing is you've always wanted to do: IGNORE THEM. Learn Esperanto when it suits you... or when it's useful... which will be never.

"And if you're on your own, that is very hard. But we're with you. And use your phone. Reach out.

"Don't obsess over social media. Watch things that make you happy, like that thing where Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer go fishing for ages and complain about heart conditions.

"And teach your kids something you know they wouldn't learn in school... even if it's just how to change the clock on a microwave.

"Move around every day. I'm skipping like a nitwit. Text someone you haven't texted in at least a year, or think about the person at work who doesn't have a partner and is miles away from family, and who's home alone. Text them to say 'Hi'.

"And if you're braving the local co-op, don't forget the food bank basket. Just drop a tin in. It will find a tummy.

"And if you're driving somewhere and you see someone, give them a wave. We're all in this together. This is either our Blitz or our High School Musical.

"And everyone here at Radio X is still on Radio X. They're still going through the same things you are, so we're with you.

"But for now, let's be careful. For you, and for me, and for our mums and dads and out kids and our grandparents particularly".

Wallace concluded: "Thank you NHS, Thank you bus drivers, Thank you anyone risking anything for anyone.

"In the meantime we will do what we can to help. We'll stay in and we'll stay safe."

Get the latest NHS advice on Coronavirus

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