WATCH: Benefits Mum Defends Spending £2K On Kids At Christmas

15 December 2017, 16:24 | Updated: 16 December 2017, 11:43

Claire Young has defended her right to spend the money, which she saves throughout the year, on 66 presents for her children.

A mother who lives on benefits has defended her right to spend £2000 on her children at Christmas.

Watch the clip, courtesy of ITV's This Morning above. 

Claire Young, who can't work because she suffers from ME and fibromyalgia, told Philip Scholfield and Holly Willoughby how she puts away £50 pounds of her benefits each week from January to treat her kids during the festive period.

Responding to criticism that she spends tax payers money on non-essential luxuries, she said: "Christmas is only once a year," adding: "Me and my partner don't get each other anything. It literally is all about the children".

Highlighting her own frugal lifestyle throughout the year, Young revealed she has only one pair of shoes, and maintained: "I don't drink, I don't go out every weekend, I don't take drugs, I hardly buy myself anything."

Emma Tapping - a working mum who buys her kids over 300 presents added: "I work hard for my money. I work all year round for my money, and why would I be slugging my guts out all year if i can't treat my kids?

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Photo and video credit: YouTube/ITV's This Morning