Missing Libby Squire: Parents suffer 'unending torture' as search for student continues

21 February 2019, 18:35 | Updated: 21 February 2019, 20:35

Libby Squire's parents have described the last three weeks since she went missing as an "unending torture" for the family and her friends.

But they also said they have an "unending hope" she will be found.

Lisa and Russ Squire have made a fresh appeal for information from the public as a new photograph of Libby with her mother was released.

The 21-year-old Hull student was reported missing after a night out with friends in Hull.

She was last seen at the junction of Beverley Road and Haworth Street at around 12.05am on 1 February.

She was wearing a black denim skirt and faux leather jacket and distinctive trainers.

In a statement, the student's parents said: "It's been three weeks now since our beautiful girl was last seen.

"In that time we haven't been able to speak to her, and we haven't been able to hug her.

"We haven't been able to tell her we love her, or hear that she loves us."

They added: "She went out to have fun with her beloved friends.

"Since then it has been a time of unending torture for her friends and family but we all have unending hope that she will be found.

"We send love and thanks to everybody for their support over these past weeks.

"Please, please if you have any information contact the police and pass on any information that you can."

Earlier this week, police released CCTV footage showing four potential witnesses who may be able to shed light on her disappearance.

The video showed a cyclist, a pedestrian and a pair walking together in Oak Road between 1.13am and 2.34am on 1 February.