The Guy Who Committed To The Longest Joke On Twitter Has Made An Epic Third Tweet...

14 April 2016, 13:23 | Updated: 25 April 2016, 13:23

Marcus Lepage Twitter profile

Marcus Lepage definitely isn't losing any sleep over his Twitter feed.

All comedians know that some of the best jokes take time and commitment to set up. But there's setting up a joke, REALLY setting up a joke, and then there's this guy...

Yesterday we applauded Twitter user, Marcus LePage, who showed serious commitment to comedy when joining Twitter in 2009.

After his first tweet, which read: "Going to sleep," the joker waited a whopping seven years to write his second, which simply read: "Fuck, I slept in".

After gaining over 50K retweets and becoming an internet name overnight, Lepage decided to gift us with his third ever tweet just a day later... and it's a good'un.


While it's unclear how old Marcus is, his profile picture suggests he was about 10-years-old when he first joined Twitter, which would make him about 17 now. 

Who knows, in another 7 years , he could be just the right age to headline his own stand-up show?

We wait with baited breath...

Picture: Twitter/Marcus Lepage