There's A Twitter Account Devoted To All The Weird Things You Can Buy In Aldi...

8 March 2016, 12:17 | Updated: 25 April 2016, 15:05

Aldi Catalogue Twitter Account

Aldi Of The Week is bringing us so much joy.

We've all gone into a value food store and been bemused by some of the random things on offer, from sewing machines to garden furniture.

But someone was so amazed by the things that Aldi advertises in its catalogue, they decided to devote a whole Twitter account to it. 

Aldi Of The Week is described simply as the account creators "fave, unexpected, item from each Aldi catalogue," and it pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Every item is priced in Australian dollars, so unfortunately the items may only exist in Oz... but we can but dream.

See some of our favourites below:

We're not sure how much safety cones usually cost, but surely nobody needs just one?

A "worm farm," otherwise known as a mini compost heap:

Remember kids, the bike and helmet aren't included:

Violin lessons anyone?

Why would anyone want pretend hot cross buns?

Could this be the perfect festival purchase?

For people who'll only enjoy pancakes if they have smiley faces on them...

For the future tennis ace in you.. 

For those with blocked... ahem... pipes.

OK, so a 3D printer is pretty cool, but WHERE are they getting them from?

Now how can we get our hands on that sleeping bag onesie? 

Lead image:Twitter/Aldi Of The Week/Aldi