What happened at the end of Killing Eve season 2?

12 April 2020, 08:00 | Updated: 12 April 2020, 08:01

As Killing Eve season 3 prepares to to be released on Monday, we help you pick up from where season 2 left off with a spoiler-filled recap.

Killing Eve season 2 left fans on a HUGE cliffhanger, and now season 3 is closer than ever, hitting BBC iPlayer on Monday 13 April.

The transatlantic spy drama - starring Jodie Comer as Villanelle and Sandra Oh as titular character Eve - has won the hearts and minds of the viewers and critics alike, but as it prepares to thrill us for third series, can you remember what happened in the second? Or do you need a recap?

Refresh yourself as we answer the question: What happened at the end of Killing Eve Season 2?


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Jodie Comer as Villanelle in a Killing Eve teaser trailer
Jodie Comer as Villanelle in a Killing Eve teaser trailer. Picture: YouTube/ Killing Eve/ BBC America

What happened at the end of Killing Eve season 2?

Killing Eve season 2 ended with Villanelle shooting Eve as they're surrounded by ancient ruins in Rome. She leaves her for dead.

Before that Eve made her first kill, coming to Villanelle's rescue with an axe when her handler Raymond tried to choke her to death.

Posh boy Hugo - who Eve incidentally slept with last season - may or may not be dead after a henchman breached the hotel they were staying in. Gunshots were heard, and Hugo was left bleeding in the hallway, but when Eve returned the whole scene had been cleared by MI6... So it's unclear whether we've lost our favourite toff just yet.

Much of the season sees Villanelle get to know the creepy tech mogul Aaron Peeps, who takes her for an all expenses paid trip to Rome. She's supposed to be spying on him for MI6 but it turns out she's got way more than she bargained for. He's not just a regular baddy, but he's a controlling psycho who likes to make women wear clothes he chooses, spy on them as they sleep, and then murder them and watch them die slowly. She ends up slitting his throat in front of Eve, and lets him watch himself die instead.

Carolyn betrays Eve's trust when she uses her as a pawn in the Italy mission, leading her to believe they weren't to kill Aaron Peep, but knowing Villanelle probably would.

Villanelle and Konstantin fall out after he slightly betrayed her in season 2. However, he did let her know that the 12 wanted her dead and helped buy her some time by saying she had to kill Aaron Peep First. Villanelle ended her interaction with him in the series promising she'd reek revenge on him and his loved ones.

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