VIDEO: Waitrose mocks John Lewis ad For their own Christmas advert

20 November 2018, 11:06

The food retailers have poked fun at the department store in their latest at.

Waitrose has poked fun at the latest John Lewis Christmas ad for their very own TV commercial.

Their advert - sees a family speed through the festive advert, featuring Elton John, only to highlight their dark chocolate orange stollen wreath with the tagline: "Too good to wait".

Watch their cheeky advert above, which ends with a male character remarking: "I prefer the one with the penguin."

Waitrose jumps on John Lewis Ad for their own advertisement
Waitrose jumps on John Lewis Ad for their own advertisement. Picture: Waitrose & Partners

It's all just good clean fun though and a bit of cheeky cross-promotion, since Waitrose and John Lewis have actually been under the same company since 1937!

Watch the full 2018 John Lewis Christmas advert here:

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