VIDEO: Danny Dyer's Brexit Rant Has Been Turned Into A Song

12 July 2018, 13:28

An internet hero has immortalised the EastEnders star's Good Evening Britain appearance by turning it into a banger.

Last month saw Danny Dyer make an appearance on Good Evening Britain to discuss his daughter's involvement in this year's Love Island and the second most important topic of the year: Brexit.

As can be suspected, the EastEnders actor had the nation in absolute stitches, telling us his daughter Dani would "nick" the Love Island "readies," and calling former Prime Minister David Cameron a "twat".

Now we can relive the magic moment all over again in the form of song, as Dave Wol has shared a video on Facebook of Dyer's appearance transformed into a dubstep banger.

Watch it above.

WARNING: This video contains strong language which some users may find offensive.

Watch Dyer's original appearance here: