VIDEO: Chris Kamara teases details of Emmerdale cameo on The Chris Moyles Show

13 June 2019, 14:38 | Updated: 13 June 2019, 14:44

The sports pundit and former footballer is set to appear on the British soap, and has revealed to Chris Moyles that he will play himself.

This week, it was revealed that Chris Kamara was set to appear on Emmerdale, and of course the football legend phoned into The Chris Moyles Show to tell us all about it.

Watch our video above to find out more.

Speaking to Moyles, the former Leeds United midfielder revealed he will play himself in the role, saying: "It's a little cameo at the moment, but BUT exclusively they are working on it".

He teased: "I am playing myself but there might be [...] a little bit more football, so they've got themselves a little team haven't they? And even though I played against this team, they might find themselves a new manager, you know what I mean?"

Speaking about the actors and the makers of the British soap he gushed: "The cast were amazing. The production side of it. They just made you feel so comfortable and [said], 'just relax. Just say it how you want to say it. The guidelines are there for the script, but if you think that's not a proper footballing term or anything like that, you just bring in football terms and all that sort of stuff.'

"And I did. I did it my own usual way. Loved it to bits and they looked after me incredibly".

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