How much do the Too Hot To Handle cast get paid? Season one's top earners revealed

24 June 2021, 12:23 | Updated: 24 June 2021, 12:39

By Jenny Mensah

As Too Hot To Handle season two is released this week, we look back at the original cast and the top earners among them including Francesca Farago and more.

Too Hot To Handle took the world by storm when it was released on Netflix during the first lockdown.

The hit dating show with a twist encouraged young, beautiful and horny singles to try and abstain from any sexual contact in the hopes of hanging onto a $100,000 prize.

Naturally, the show made some relatively unknown people into very famous faces, who've since gone on to enjoy their new profiles and the perks it brings.

Now season two has dropped, who are the top earners from Too Hot To Handle season one? From Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey to Chloe Veitch and Rhondal Paul: find out who's made the most out of the Netflix show so far.

Too Hot To Handle is set to return for a second season in June 2021
Too Hot To Handle is set to return for a second season in June 2021. Picture: Radio X

How much money have the Too Hot To Handle season one cast made?

Francesca Farago has by far made the most from Instagram, earning an estimated £766,271 from 82 ads, with her on-again-off-again ex Harry Jowsey close behind with £450,423 from 58 ads.

CRO Agency LoveUX have been tracking how much east contestant has been making on the platform by keeping an eye on how many sponsored posts they've done and estimating how much they've made. After Farago and Jowsey, Kori Sampson has come in third place with estimated earnings of £432,837 from 178 ads, while Matthew Smith has been estimated £284,597 from 133 ads.

The Top 5 Too Hot To Handle season one earners according to
The Top 5 Too Hot To Handle season one earners according to. Picture: LoveUX

The Top Too Hot To Handle earners on Instagram:

  1. Francesca Farago - £766,271 from 82 ads
  2. Harry Jowsey - £450,423 from 58 ads
  3. Kori Sampson - £432,837 from 178 ads
  4. Matthew Smith - £284,597 from 133 ads
  5. Nicole O'Brien - £209,387 from 81 ads
  6. Chloe Veitch - £190,694 from 61 ads
  7. Haley Cureton - £174,552 from 95 ads
  8. Lydia Clyma - £162,407 from 73 ads
  9. Kelechi Dyke - £137,414 from 69 ads
  10. Rhonda Paul - £104,521 from 46 ads
  11. David Birtwistle - £58,400 from 26 ads
  12. Bryce Hirschberg - £41,467 from 27 ads
  13. Sharron Townsend - £6,953 from 3 ads
  14. Madison Wyborny - £2,798 from 5 ads

What is the Too Hot To Handle season one cast's net worth?*

  • Francesca Farago - estimated $1million
  • Harry Jowsey - estimated $1million
  • Kelechi Dyke - $1million
  • Chloe Veitch - estimated $400k
  • Kori Sampson - estimated $500k
  • Matthew Smith - estimated $900k
  • Nicole O'Brien - $400k
  • Haley Cureton - estimated $550k
  • Lydia Clyma - estimated $1 million
  • Rhonda Paul - estimated $1.2million
  • David Birtwistle - estimated $2million
  • Bryce Hirschberg - estimated $400 million
  • Sharron Townsend - estimated $450k
  • Madison Wyborny - reports range from an estimated $200k - 1.5 million

*Here are some of the estimated net worths of the season one cast according to the likes of celebrity and above. However, these estimates are to be taken with a grain of salt.

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