Texas Chain Saw Massacre Director Tobe Hooper Dies

Tobe Hooper

The hugely influential horror film-maker has passed away, aged 74

Tobe Hooper, the man who directed the hugely-influential horror film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, along with the original Poltergeist, has died, aged 74.

Variety has reported that the film-maker died on Saturday (26 August) in Sherman Oaks, California, according to the LA County Coroner, without giving further details.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre was released in 1974 and immediately became one of the most famous and notorious horror movies of the 1970s. While not being as gory as the title suggests, its tale of Leatherface and his necrophiliac, cannibal family was so nerve-shredding, it was unavailable in the UK for a long time and only received an official video release in 1999.

Fellow horror director John Carpenter, who was behind the Halloween series and the 1982 remake of The Thing, said that Hooper was a "kind, decent man and my friend."

Bill Moseley, who played "Chop Top" in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre sequel  said: "So sad to say goodbye to Tobe Hooper, the man who took a chance on me and gave me my career in film's greatest genre", while the director of The Exorcist, William Friedkin, tweeted his fond memories of his unforgettable “good friend” Tobe and to praise the star for making the “most terrifying film ever”.

Hostel director Eli Roth has admitted he will miss the Poltergeist creator “deeply”, but is “lucky” he met the icon He tweeted: “Very few people were as generous, kind and encouraging as Tobe Hooper. I will miss him deeply and feel lucky for the time I had with him." Shaun Of The Dead and Baby Driver director Edgar Wright tweeted: "He conjured some truly shattering, unforgettable moments in film."

Hooper also directed the comic Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, along with the original Poltergeist movie in 1982, produced by Steven Spielberg. His TV movie adaptation of Stephen King’s book Salem’s Lot remains one of the scariest small screen horrors of all time.


Hooper had made a public appearance at London Film And Comic Con at the end of July. He is survived two sons.

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