Who is Shannon Singh? Meet the Love Island 2021 contestant

29 June 2021, 16:51 | Updated: 29 June 2021, 17:07

Shannon Singh is among the first contestants to enter Love Island 2021. Find out more about her including her age, occupation, where she's from and more.

Love Island 2021 kicked off this week and on Monday (28 June) we saw the first set of Islanders enter the villa.

We were introduced to a bevvy of beautiful guys and girls who were excited to find love and meet their match on the ITV reality dating show.

However, not all the contestants were that impressed with what they've seen so far and Shannon Singh in particular admitted she wasn't feeling Aaron, who she was coupled up with.

So what's the story when it comes to the mysterious brunette and what is she looking for? Find out more about Shannon Singh including her age, where she's from, what she does, her Instagram handle and more.

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Shannon Singh is a contestant on Love Island 2021
Shannon Singh is a contestant on Love Island 2021. Picture: ITV2

Who is Shannon Singh and what's her age?

Shannon Singh is a 22-year-old model and influencer.

Where is Shannon Singh from?

Shannon is Asian-Scottish and is from Glenrothes in Fife, but appears to be based in London.

What does Shannon Singh do?

The beauty previously revealed she's an ex glamour model, but now she makes money through influencing. She describes herself on Instagram as a gamer, DJ and model. She also has her own Twitch account.

Speaking about her occupation she said: "I used to be a glamour model when I was 18/19. I loved those days, I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, they were my glory days. Now I’m more on Instagram/ YouTube. I’ve done a bit of commercial modelling. I can DJ as well."

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What is Shannon Singh's Instagram?

You can find Shannon Singh at @shannonsinghhh on Instagram.

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What is Shannon Singh looking for in a man?

Shannon said: "For me it’s quite hard to find people who are genuine and looking for what you’re looking for. I’m not just going to go with anyone because they’re convenient. I need to make sure they’re for me. Looks – obviously, they’ve got to be handsome, but if he’s a handsome hunk but it’s like talking to a brick wall and I’d rather watch paint dry, it’s not going to be great."

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