Samuel L. Jackson swears in 15 different languages after fans checked they're registered to vote

20 September 2020, 15:30

The Pulp Fiction legend shared a video of him using foul mouthed language in different tongues as a reward for his followers reaching his Voter Action Goal.


Samuel L. Jackson has delighted his fans by doing one of the things he does best... swearing.

The Hollywood star has been encouraging his 8.5 million-strong Twitter followers to make sure they are registered to vote with the promise that he would teach them how to swear if 2500 clicked a special link on Head Count to ensure they were #GoodToVote.

Being the absolute legend that he is, the Pulp Fiction star stuck to his word and produced a video doing just that.

Watch him in action above and beware of the very strong language.

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Samuel L Jackson swears in 15 different languages as a reward to fans registering to vote
Samuel L Jackson swears in 15 different languages as a reward to fans registering to vote. Picture: Twitter/Samuel L. Jackson

It's not the first time Samuel L. has lent his sliver tongue for a good cause.

Back in April this year, the actor took part in an interview from home on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he read an updated version of the popular book Go the f**k to sleep, which was written by Adam Mansbach.

According to the 71-year-old star, Mansbach approached him with an up-to-date version of his poem for the coronavirus pandemic, which mixes explicit language with child-like rhyme.

Jackson - who had had previously read for his audiobook - jumped at the chance to read the update, which began: "Stay the f*** at home. Corona is spreading, this shit is no joke".

He added: "It's no time to work or roam. The way you can fight it is simple my friends, stay the f*** at home.

"Now technically I’m not a doctor. But motherfuckers listen when I read a poem. So here I am, Sam F***ing Jackson, imploring you: Keep your ass at home.

"If you want things to get back to normal, don't panic. Just use your dome. Wash your hands, stop touching your face and stay the f*** at home.”

Watch a clip of his dramatic reading of the poem below:

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