Ricky Gervais confirms After Life 2 will begin filming next month as he poses with script for Netflix show

7 August 2019, 01:30 | Updated: 7 August 2019, 01:31

The comedian has shared an image of himself with the finished script for the second season of his Netflix series, and confirmed shooting will begin very soon.

Ricky Gervais has confirmed he's finished the script for the second season of After Life and that filming will begin very soon.

The comedian made a return to acting in the six part Netflix series back in March, and it was praised for its entertaining and frank portrayal of loss and bereavement.

Watch the film's original trailer above.

Now, after it was confirmed the series would return for season two, Gervais has taken to Twitter to update fans on a schedule.

Sharing a photo of himself holding the script, he simply wrote: "Finished. 5 weeks till filming."

Gervais' series widely garnered a positive response, with Oasis legend Liam Gallagher even giving it his seal of approval.

Taking to Twitter, the Wall Of Glass singer wrote: "After life by Ricky Gervais is beautiful check it out As you were LG x"

Gervais visited Radio X to talk about his series earlier this year.

Discussing the value of kindness the Animals comedian recalled a tale from his childhood that saw him “never want to feel guilty again”.

Speaking to Gordon Smart, the actor and comedian elaborated: “I remember from an early age feeling guilty. I was about twelve or thirteen and I was into chemistry. My brother-in-law dropped off some of his records, because they were moving house."

Watch our video below:

“They were in the spare bedroom and my mate came round. He said: ‘Oh I love Elvis!’ I went, ‘I’ll swap some records for your chemistry stuff’. So I gave him about four Elvis records. I thought [my brother-in-law] would never know."

Young Ricky then found himself lying awake at night, feeling guilty about offloading some of his relative’s precious vinyl. Finally, the guilt got the better of him.

"I knocked on my mum’s door and said, ‘I gave away some of Graham’s records’! She said, ‘Okay if you're good, I won't tell him’.“I thought: I never want that feeling again. I never want to feel guilt again.

"Then when I was about eighteen, I found out that he’d left them for me. There were my records! And my mother used it as an opportunity. Unbelievable. I’d been good for no reason!”

Watch Ricky Gervais discuss his relationship with David Bowie:

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