Quality Street debate rages on Twitter in run up to Christmas

30 November 2020, 12:38

The popular Christmas treat has been the topic of debate on Twitter this week.

We're getting closer and closer to Christmas, which means various debates over festive traditions tend to rear their ugly heads.

Earlier this month it was The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl's Christmas classic and this week it's Quality Street.

Whether you love them or hate them, Quality Street are a staple part of Christmas in Britain, but there's always the age old debate about which chocolates are the best and which need to be given the heave ho.

Watch the Quality Street Christmas advert for 2020 and see some of the most controversial topics on the confectionery here...

Quality Street tinned chocolates 2018
Quality Street chocolates are being debated on Twitter in the run up to Christmas. Picture: Martin Keene/PA Archive/PA Images

Journalist Stephen Hull very helpfully "audited" a fresh tin of Quality Street and gave us the percentages of each of chocolate category. Something tells me he wasn't happy with what he found calling it "another blow for 2020" and adding the hashtag "#inequalitystreet".

Janette hit out at the brand for being "purpleist" since they seemed to have suffered the biggest injustice this year.

This Twitter user also named the green triangle and the purple among her faves.

Many noticed that the boxes seem to be getting smaller and smaller each year, with Charlotte asking for more "quantity street".

Another named the orange chocolates as her top choice.

Some were really not sold on all the toffee coin pennies...

However Mandi seems to like them all...

For those not as unfussy, the revelation came that you can order a tin of chocolates from the brand with your prefered flavour!

Though many got stuck into the quintessentially British conversation, there were a just as many who'd sooner have a box of Roses or Celebrations...

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