Peep Show’s Robert Webb reveals alcohol addiction and life-saving heart surgery

14 April 2020, 10:39 | Updated: 14 April 2020, 18:58

Robert Webb learning a script on the new series of Peep Show
Peep Show's Robert Webb reveals he was dependent on alcohol when he found out he needed life-saving heart surgery. Picture: Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images

The comedian and actor was told he had an undiagnosed heart condition after a routine medical examination, but put his tiredness down to his age and his drinking.

Robert Webb has revealed that he suffered from alcohol addiction and stopped drinking due to a medical condition, which forced him to have life-saving surgery.

The actor and comedian - who is most known for playing Jez in the British cult sitcom, Peep Show - was diagnosed with a mitral valve prolapse after suffering from a heart murmur.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Webb recalled: "I just assumed it was the booze. I thought, 'This is what you feel like when you're 47 and you treat your body like a skip.'

"I'd get really tired very quickly - I was very tired - but I thought, 'F**k it, I'm 47'. I didn't realise how unwell I was."

While the condition wasn't directly caused by his drinking and smoking, it is thought it worsened his condition.

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The Back star also revealed that he underwent "a bit touch and go" emergency surgery in November, which caused him to lose two-thirds of his blood cells in the process.

Talking about his "dependency" on alcohol before learning about his condition, Webb revealed: "The drinking crawled up so gradually that I was slow-killing myself."

He added: "It was certainly an addiction at the end, a dependency. I drank a lot of beer, during the day, on my own."

While Webb revealed he's seeing a therapist to help quick smoking and drinking, he admits it's harder to stop drinking than it is to stop smoking.

However, you won't see him at an AA meeting anytime soon, as he joked: "Because Russell Brand would be there."

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